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Hospital Deductible Insurance (HDI)

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Supplementary Group Coverage Complementing High Deductible Health Plans

Helps fill the benefit “gap” created by High Deductible Health Plans.

HDI is really simple – and surprisingly affordable. It’s a First Hospital Confinement Hospitalization policy. The amount of coverage is the same as the annual deductible under your HDHP. The first time each year that each covered person is hospitalized for one day or longer, HDI pays the selected amount in a lump-sum to offset the cost of the deductible. After that, for the rest of the year, that person’s deductible is satisfied.


  • Compatible with HRAs and HSAs
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • No Pre-Existing Conditions Limitations When The Employer Pays The Premium
For complete details and a printable brochure go to:
www.affinitybenefits.com/hdi   (this link will open a new window)