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Contracting With Us
Instructions for Appointment with
ACE American Insurance Company

In most states, appointment paperwork may be submitted along with the first group application. The exceptions are: Delaware, DC, Georgia, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania where pre-appointment is required by law.

In order to be appointed and receive commissions, an agency must submit the following items:

  1. Completed Licensing Information Form. On page 1, complete agency information. On page 2, complete the �Individual License Data Needed� section for each agent with the agency that wishes to be appointed. Important! The agent who signs the Group Application, along with the agency, must be licensed and appointed in the state where the group is located. (click here for Licensing Information Form).

  2. Check payable to ACE American Insurance Company for the total amount of state appointment fees for the agency and agent (click here for appointment fee listing by state) � Note: Agents pay the appointment fees for the first year. Renewal fees will be paid by ACE USA.

If there is no agency to be appointed, please provide the above information for the agent as an individual. Page 1 & 2 of the Licensing Information Form should be completed with the agent information. 

Under no circumstances will compensation be released to any entity not licensed in a state where insurance is solicited. Compensation will only be paid when the appropriate licensing and appointment requirements have been completed.

All appointment questions and/or
paperwork should be addressed to:

Emma Parrish

Affinity Brokers & Consultants
4510 Cox Road, Ste. 111
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Toll-free: 877-673-9797
Fax: 804-273-9989

Email: eparrish@affbc.com

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