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Solving Cross-Border Human Resources
Management & Employee Benefits Problems

As a Canadian company with American employees, you face significant challenges that in many cases you may not even recognize as problems. Our long experience as an insurance broker arranging health insurance plans for the US subsidiaries of Canadian companies led us to the realization that our Canadian clients have greater needs than just purchasing health insurance. Many things are different south of the 49th parallel.

Finding a US payroll service is relatively easy but what about complying with all of the state, local and federal tax, reporting and employment legislation and requirements that are the obligation of a US employer? This becomes an even more serious problem if you have employees in several states, all with different laws and rules. Obtaining workers’ compensation insurance, meeting the requirements for state unemployment taxes and protecting yourself against employment discrimination suits are just some of the hidden pitfalls of being a US employer. Making a mistake could literally put your company out of business.

But, there is an answer that is ideally-suited for Canadian companies - Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). A PEO can be your complete US human resources department providing payroll, compliance, employee benefits, workers compensation insurance and more. You’ll get access to health insurance options and other employee benefits, plus professional HR management of your US employees. The cost is surprisingly affordable, typically ranging from just 2% to 5% of payroll. It’s worth taking a look.

Or, if you simply need US health insurance and/or other employee benefits, we can help with that too.

Contact us for US HR and employee benefits solutions   – without any cost or obligation on on your part.


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