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International Insurance
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Medical coverage
while travelling abroad
Medical coverage
while visiting the USA
High Limit Accident coverage worldwide

When You Travel Outside the USA -

You should know that your US health insurance may provide little or no coverage while you are abroad. Most policies limit international coverage to "emergency only"or "life threatening" situations.

For instance, if you were to fall and break a bone, contract a simple case of influenza, get food poisoning or suffer other common accidents or sicknesses, your US health insurance policy may not pay your expenses unless you can convince your insurer that it was a serious emergency.

There is a simple and inexpensive solution - our USAway international travel medical policy, underwritten at at Lloyd's of London, will give you peace of mind while travelling for up to a year outside the USA. Please note that war risks and pre-existing conditions are not covered under standard USAway polices. If you need coverage for these kinds of risks, please contact us.

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Visitors To The USA -

This plan is designed for people coming to the USA for periods from 1 day to many years.
            The following examples are the most common uses:

1. Foreign Nationals visiting
2. Immigrating to the USA
3. Foreign Nationals travelling to the USA and additional countries prior to returning to their home country
4. Foreign Nationals living in their home country working for a US company

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High Limit Accident Insurance

Accidents are a risk when travelling abroad. Our high limit accidental death and dismemberment coverage, underwritten at Lloyd's of London, can provide benefit amounts from $100,000 to $20,000,000. Coverage is available while travelling only or for 24 hours a day at home and abroad. Policy periods from 1 day to 3 years available. Acts of War and terrorism coverage can be included anywhere in the world.

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